Our Restaurant

Open from Monday until Friday, closed Friday evening and on weekends

Menu of the week

from february 04 to february07

starter + main course ou main course + dessert

18 €

starter + main course + dessert

22 €

Starters (1 choice)

– Vegetable soup

– Goat cheese pastry, onion and grape chutney

– “pollock trilogy” – pollock samossa, pollock bite and picked pollock

Main courses (1 choice)

– Spare ribs and Dauphine potatoes. 

– Hake fish, creamy leeks and potato

– Veal stew, olive sauce and basmati rice

– Piece of beef with home made fries (extra-charge: 5.00 €)

– Beef tartare (prepared or unprepared) with home made fries (extra: 5.00 €)


DESSERTS (1 choice)

– Mango and passiofruit pudding
– Waffle with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
– Almond and pear cake

Beef menu

Main course + drink + dessert

24 €

Main courses (a choice)

-Piece of beef,  veal jus  with home made fries and salad.

Beef tartare (prepared or unprepared) 

Beef tartare with blue cheese and walnuts.

Beef tartare with parmesan cheese and truffle oil

Beef tartare with  Foie-Gras chips

drink (a choice)

– Water (plain or sparkle) (50cl)

– 1 glas of wine

DESSERTS (a choice)

– Dessert of the week
– local cheese and walnut salad

Finistère menu

Starter + main course

27 €

Main course + dessert

24 €

Starter + Main course + dessert

31 €

Starters (1 choice)

6 oysters Prat ar Coum

Langoustines with topinambur crisp, shellfish sauce


Poached Egg with  mushroom cromesqui


Foie gras, onion and red  wine chutney ( + 2.00 €)

Scallop with swiss chardand mountain ham (2.00€)

6 oysters gratinated with wine and leek (+2.00€)

Main courses (1 choice)

Roasted pollock, razor clam and mashed squash

Roasted pork breast, potatoes and mushroom duxelles

Duck breast with potato tatin and local cabbage

Beef tartare (250g) with home-made fries and pickles                       

Beef tartare( 250g) with walnuts and blue cheese, home made fries

Beef tartare( 250g) with parmesan cheese and truffle oil, home made fries

Beef tartare (250g) with  Foie-Gras chips, home made fries

Piece of beef (220g), veal sauce, home made fries and salad


Monkfish medallion with Guéméné sausage and creamy leeks (+ 4.00€)

Entrecote steak with  veal sauce and homemade fries (+4.00 €)


DESSERTS (a choice)

Local cheese with salad

The « Nutcracker » (hazelnut pudding with chocolatey caramel and crunchy praline)

Choco-coconut (Chocolate dome filled with coconut cream)  

Kouign Amann cake with cinnamon candied apple 

Gourmet coffee 

Fruit salad



Assortment of cheese and walnut salad (+ 3.00€)


Chocolate mellow cake, filled with white chocolate and hazelnuts (+3.00€)


Our suppliers

We source as much as possible and more and more local products, and if possible from organic farming. 

Eggs and Strawberries come from Michaël Pont organic farm, « Le Pépin et la Plume » from La Roche-Maurice (North Finistere).

Breakfast jams and  fruit syrups  come from an organic orchard located in Ploudaniel (North Finistère)

Most vegetables are seasonal and from an organic farm based in Ploudaniel (North Finistère) 

Our beef comes from France. Lionel Cornec’s farming is based in Saint-Urbain. Saint Urbain is located a few hundred meters from our restaurant.

 The meat is tasty and tender: pieces of meat are cut at Nicolas Brault’s meat counter, downtown at the Carrefour City shop.